Audi Reverse Camera

Audi Reverse Camera Retrofit

Audi Reverse Camera Retrofit


By selecting the team at Essex Parking Sensors to complete car reverse camera installation in your vehicle you can breathe easy knowing they are potentially saving money, preventing damage, and saving lives.

By effectively removing your vehicle’s largest blind spot our experienced and passionate team of professionals can enhance your field of vision with an uninterrupted live feed of the space directly behind your car, ensuring that any obstacles that may appear behind your vehicle while reversing can be safely navigated around or avoided completely.


Genuine OEM Audi Reverse Camera Supplied, Fitted and Coded at Your Home or Place of Work from £499 with 12 Month Warranty.

Audi reverse camera is a practical retrofit to aide reversing and parking manoeuvres.

Parking Sensors will only be visible if you have the Front & Rear System Installed. If you only have Rear Sensors or no Sensors at all then you won’t get this display on screen.

As per Audi blurb, the reversing camera is only a guide to give you an idea of what’s behind you. The guidelines for instance are to show the intended trajectory of the vehicle and not representative of the width or parking bays. You must use this system in conjunction with other driving aids such as sensors and mirrors.

Our Audi Reverse Camera lets you spot any obstacles behind your car - even moving ones - quickly and easily, thanks to the camera built into the boot handle or the licence plate lights.

Thanks to our insistence on using only the best materials and components you can rely on our reversing cameras to deliver the superior real-time vision of an otherwise obscured angle.

Important notes on Audi Reverse Camera Retrofit:

Unofficial Audi Reverse Camera Retrofit are carried out within a vehicle's electrical and computer systems. During general updates for vehicle software (for example, during service or repair works) any and all Audi Reverse Camera Retrofit may be overwritten or indeed removed. If this happens Essex Parking Sensors can attempt to restore any overwritten or removed Reverse Camera Retrofit for an administration fee of £79.


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