Terms and Conditions

Labour Conditions:

Suitable safe parking areas they need being supplied for our installers. If is a permit area parking permit has to be provided.
Labour costs are not refundable.
Weather conditions like very strong wind or heavy snow may cause reschedule of your appointment.

Pre and post checks:

Our installer will have to check the vehicle before and after the installation, and we may ask you to agree on that. We advise thr customer checks the vehicle with the installer before and after the installation, any faults or problems with the vehicle must be raised and discussed with the installer before he leaves. If the customer fails to inspect the vehicle once the job has been completed, then this invalidates any possible claims to the installer or Essex Parking Sensors.

Quoting and Pricing:

Any prices quoted may be subject to change when additional parts or labour are required.
Quotes are subject to change according to your location.


All products come with 3 years warranty. Fault is when a component fails, it is not if an item breaks or falls apart for this it would be deemed a manufacturer query and we can help you resolve this.
In a rare case of a product failing you need to give us 2 weeks amount of time ( 14 days under UK law. ) to get the warranty replacement fitted. A receipt will have to be provided upon request to proceed further.
Blocked sensors can prevent the system functioning correctly. Make sure that the sensors are not covered in mud, snow or ice for example.
Heavy rain may cause the sensors to function incorrectly as they work based on electromagnetic signals.
Heavy car washing may affect the paint colour.

Warranty is not transferable between buyers.


We are responsible for the equipment to be installed correctly and working correctly. We are not responsible for non-compatibility with any item that is not supplied by ourselves.
We do not offer warranty or refunds for non-compatibility.

Colour code painting:

Whilst we make every effort to ensure we perfectly match the existing paint code, we cannot guarantee a 100% colour match. We can not be held responsible for any paint variations due to multiple variants of a particular colour code by the manufacturer or by outside influences including but not limited to atmospheric conditions, chemicals or 3rd party influence. Sensor heads will be painted with the information supplied by the customer or their agents. We cannot be held be responsible for incorrect information supplied by the vehicle manufacturer or the customer.