Dacia Reverse Camera

Dacia Reverse Camera

Dacia Reverse Camera

Dacia Reverse Camera


At Essex Parking Sensors, we offer our clients a wide variety of accessories to make driving your vehicle more entertaining, more comfortable, and safer. One convenience and safety feature that you may not know you can add to your vehicle is a reverse camera.

Adding a reverse camera to your Dacia can help take the stress out of parallel parking in a tight spot, as well as make it quicker and easier to maneuver in traffic. It is also a great safety feature, since you will see what's behind you without turning your head.

Backing up is easier when you when you have camera technology in your Dacia to assist you in seeing what’s behind your vehicle. Shift into Reverse to activate the Reverse Camera on your MediaNav display. You not only get a rear visual when you’re slowly backing up, but guidelines help you navigate. Fixed guidelines direct you when you’re going straight back. Active guidelines show the path you intend to take when you’re backing up on a curve off the straight line. And there are enhanced park aids indicating which side an object is on and how close it is, as well as colored lines showing how close you are moving to an object behind your vehicle.


Dacia Reverse Camera Supplied, Fitted and Coded to any MediaNav System from £299, At Your Location With 12 Month Warranty.

Dacia reverse camera is a visual aid which makes reverse parking and other reversing manoeuvres much easier. Choose to have an extra set of eyes with our rear view camera.

A rear view camera will help eliminate the blind spot directly behind your car and help you avoid backing into anything, also, it will let you see low areas you can't with your mirror, which is especially significant if there are young children in your yard or driveway.

We consider a rearview camera a must have, especially for an vehicle with a big blind zone straight back. But beyond the life-saving potential, a rear camera is a welcomed convenience that you would appreciate every day when park in those tight spots.

The camera works only on cars EQUIPPED WITH MEDIANAV.

The camera it is NOT wireless.

The image is displayed after the vehicle's transmission is placed in reverse and disappears when it’s shift in first gear.

Green, yellow and red lines are superimposed on the display image for an easy measurement of the distances to the rear obstacles.

When installing this camera, you have the choice of wiring it to the parking sensors, witch will provide an audio warning.

The fixed clearance gauge comprises coloured markers indicating the distance behind the vehicle:

- Red approximately 30 centimetres from the vehicle;

- Yellow approximately 70 centimetres from the vehicle;

- Green approximately 150 centimetres from the vehicle.

This gauge remains fixed and indicates the vehicle trajectory if the wheels are in line with the vehicle.

Make sure that the camera is not obscured (by dirt, mud, snow, condensation etc.).

Some of the key benefits of installing a Dacia reverse camera  include:

  • Reduced risk of dangerous backup accidents, 31% of which impact children younger than five according to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration.

  • Eliminated blind spots, which lower the chances of costly property damage in a collision with an obstacle.

  • On-screen guidelines that make it easier to park and back your Dacia into tight spaces.

  • Automatic Assist. Automatically activates as soon as you put the car in reverse.

  • Augmented Reality Technology. Moving superimposed graphic guidelines to assist you while parking indicating available space and optimal steering angles.

  • Easy Park Assist. As you turn your steering wheel left or right the augmented reality guidelines will also move and assist you in calculating the best way to park avoiding any paint scratch.

  • Vivid Images. Dacia reverse camera high-resolution 1080P HD offers you a clear view of obstacles.

  • By using a wide angle lens, the driver will eliminate the risk of running over a small object or animal because they'll see it clearly on a screen.

  • Drivers who are not familiar with reversing cameras also need to appreciate that there is no fiddling around with technology when they want to reverse since they will switch on automatically when the car's reverse gear is engaged.

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Dacia Reverse CameraDacia Reverse CameraDacia Reverse CameraDacia Reverse Camera