Front Rear Parking Sensors

front and rear parking sensors

Front Rear Parking Sensors

Front Rear Parking Sensors



At Essex Parking Sensors, we offer our clients a wide variety of accessories to make driving your vehicle more entertaining, more comfortable, and safer. One convenience and safety feature that you may not know you can add to your vehicle is an ultrasonic parking sensor. Adding parking sensors can help take the stress out of parallel parking in a tight spot, as well as make it quicker and easier to maneuver in traffic. It is also a great safety feature, since it will alert you if there is anything behind your vehicle that you can’t see in your mirrors.


Thinking of having front rear parking sensors fitted, than look no further.

We supply and fit high quality parking sensors which can also be sprayed to match your car colour exactly.

Parking Sensors are a fantastic added aid to your parking, you will still of course need to use your own judgement, eyes and mirrors, but parking sensors work as an aid to support this. They will always pick up solid objects, but may not pick up fences with gaps, poles, bollards, kerbs or other small or non-solid objects, which may fall between the ultra-sonic detection range. Also, change of incline, on some vehicles can cause alerts on rare occasions.


Adding Parking Sensors to Your Vehicle

Yes, many new vehicles do come with parking sensors already factory-installed, but we can add them to most vehicles on the road today. The parking sensors mount in the front and rear bumpers in holes cut with a special drill bit that allows for a precise fit. We spread the locations across the bumper area to make sure the entire area is covered and at the proper height. We run the sensor wires back to an area of the dash where the main control unit is mounted.


How Do They Work?

Parking sensors are electronic devices that help drivers to park their car safely and easily. They are designed to detect objects that may be obstructing the vehicle's path while reversing into a parking space.

The parking sensors consist of ultrasonic sensors mounted on the vehicle's rear bumper, which emit high-frequency sound waves that bounce off any obstacle in the car's vicinity.

The parking sensors then receive the reflected sound waves and calculate the distance between the vehicle and the object.

The information is then relayed to the driver through audible or visible alerts, which indicate the proximity of any object in the car's path. The alerts typically get louder and more frequent as the vehicle gets closer to the obstacle.

Parking sensors can make parking safer and quicker, especially in tight spaces or congested areas. They also add a layer of convenience by taking the guesswork out of parallel parking.


Choose Audible – or Audible and Visual

You can choose a model that gives you an audible alert with tones that get closer together, or a model with a dash-mounted control box that also gives you a visual display with bars or approximate distance in addition to an audible alert as you get close to the bumper of the vehicle (or some other object) behind you. Either way, you get feedback to help you maneuver into that parking spot.


Upgrade Your Vehicle

The technology in new vehicles keeps advancing to make them better, safer and more convenient. Vehicles are also staying on the road longer and longer. Adding the latest safety features to your vehicle allows you to keep it longer while still enjoying the benefits of those features. We can add a wide variety of the latest technology to help you keep your vehicle longer without sacrificing the safety and convenience found in newer vehicles.

Don’t let yourself get into a fender-bender trying to parallel park in a tight spot without help. Our sales and installation experts can help you with adding parking sensors to your vehicle, as well as other safety and convenience features.

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