Honda Reverse Camera

honda reverse camera

Honda Reverse Camera

Honda Reverse Camera



At Essex Parking Sensors, we offer our clients a wide variety of accessories to make driving your vehicle more entertaining, more comfortable, and safer. One convenience and safety feature that you may not know you can add to your vehicle is a reverse camera. Adding a reverse camera to your vehicle can help take the stress out of parallel parking in a tight spot, as well as make it quicker and easier to maneuver in traffic. It is also a great safety feature, since you will see what's behind you without turning your head.

Honda Reverse Camera is the perfect addition to your vehicle if you are looking to improve safety, avoid injuries or time-consuming repairs. Reverse cameras are automatically activated when you place the car in reverse gear, displaying the reverse image only when you need it. Rear view cameras can therefore be especially helpful in crowded or busy environments, avoiding bollards and families. They can also be instrumental in navigating tight quarters in residential streets.


Honda Reverse Camera Supplied, Fitted and Coded at Your Home or Place of Work from £299 with 12 Month Warranty.

People do not always think about their visibility around the vehicle and can often walk into a driver's blind spot. By fitting a reversing camera to a vehicle the risk of hitting a bollard, another vehicle or safety of pedestrians is greatly reduced.

Reversing is an essential part of everyday driving, but it can also be where the most costly or dangerous accidents occur. Reversing cameras for Honda vehicles are designed to avoid exactly these sorts of scenarios, making it easier for drivers to avoid static objects and moving obstacles.

It has been proven that a slow-moving vehicle can be a deadly hazard to young children due to the risk of them being knocked over. Don’t risk reversing, install a reverse camera from us today.


Cost Of Reversing Cameras

The cost of reversing cameras will vary to suit a wide range of budgets with the better reversing cameras being waterproof, dustproof and shockproof and can be fitted at the rear of the car easily. We have a wide range of cameras available to suit your budget and needs so do your research to see what's the best for your car.

When conducting your research, you should also bear in mind how many pixels the camera will generate for the screen since the higher number will deliver a clearer, crisp picture which will help you particularly in poor light. Also, while the kits look very similar, they will deliver different quality images - should you ever view the screens alongside each other.

So, if you drive a people carrier or an SUV or even a heavy goods vehicle that doesn't have a reversing camera fitted as standard, then it may be time to invest in a reversing camera. It also helps because we fit the camera professionally so you will be reassured that there won't be any issues with it once it has been fitted.


Features of Honda Reverse Camera:

  • Wide-angle view of the rear portion

  • No installation of original control unit or additional monitors

  • Automatic switching to rear camera in reverse gear

  • Exchange of views between PDC and rear camera possible

  • Built-in camera in the handle strip

  • Visual representation of the rear on the screen

  • Automatic switchover when the rear gear

  • Clear reversing images, easy-to-follow guidelines and  graphic lines, guide you to the optimal steering lock, guaranteeing stress-free reversing and manoeuvring – even into the most difficult of parking spaces.

  • Reverse parking could be challenging at times, especially in tight parking spots. However, you have a solution at hand.

  • Our incredible Honda Reverse Camera will make parking a pleasure!

  • The key for making this possible, are the advanced features our Honda reverse camera has

  • Automatic Assist. Automatically activates as soon as you put the car in reverse.

  • As you turn your steering wheel left or right the augmented reality guidelines will also move and assist you in calculating the best way to park avoiding any paint scratch.

  • Drivers who are not familiar with reversing cameras also need to appreciate that there is no fiddling around with technology when they want to reverse since they will switch on automatically when the car's reverse gear is engaged.

  • Smart Obstacle Detection. After fitting the Camera automatically detects low-down obstacles that other cameras cannot detect.

  • Strong increase in safety while parking and driving in reverse. Honda reverse camera helps to eliminate the blind spot directly behind the vehicle and allows the driver to see low areas which cannot be seen through the rear view mirror.


Technical Specifications of Honda Reverse Camera

  • 135° viewing angle lenses

  • 100% shockproof and waterproof

  • High-definition 1080P resolution Image

  • Boot grab handle camera

  • Integrates with existing Honda screen

  • Image overlaid with colored graphics

  • Integrates with existing parking sensors

  • Automatic activation when reverse gear is engaged

  • Real live reverse image on screen

  • Dynamic steering moving guidelines

  • Will not affect your Honda warranty


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honda reverse camera honda reverse camera

honda reverse camera

honda reverse camera