Ford S-Max Reverse Camera

Ford S-Max Reverse Camera

Ford S-Max Reverse Camera

Ford S-Max Reverse Camera


At Essex Parking Sensors, we offer our clients a wide variety of accessories to make driving your vehicle more entertaining, more comfortable, and safer. One convenience and safety feature that you may not know you can add to your vehicle is a reverse camera.

Adding a reverse camera to your Ford S-Max can help take the stress out of parallel parking in a tight spot, as well as make it quicker and easier to maneuver in traffic. It is also a great safety feature, since you will see what's behind you without turning your head.

Today, the situation has become customary when the streets and parking lots are filled with a large number of vehicles. Therefore, the driver often has difficulty parking and reversing when the space to maneuver is limited. Naturally, this can lead to accidents and damage to your own, and possibly someone else’s car.

Many car owners have had to deal with situations when various factors complicate parking, for example, dirty car windows, poor lighting, etc.


Ford S-Max Reverse Camera Supplied, Fitted and Coded to Sync System from £399, At Your Location With 12 Month Warranty.

Ford S-Max reverse camera is a practical retrofit to aide reversing and parking manoeuvres.

The reverse camera is installed in the regular place of the license plate light for Ford S-Max and transmits the image to the Sync display located in the car. Timely receipt of information about everything behind the car allows you to make the right decision and avoid accidents, scratches and damage.

Among the modern innovations that can be installed on a car, one can single out a reverse camera.

It greatly simplifies maneuvering in a confined space.

The reverse camera displays an image with superimposed virtual markings due to the location of the gyroscope. If the car was delivered without such an option, then you can contact us to have it installed.

Compliance with the recommendations will avoid problems.



Key features of the Ford S-Max Reverse Camera:


  • Standard devices shoot with a range of 170 degrees.

  • A device that has an IP69K protection class is installed. It provides a long service life at relatively low humidity.

  • Image quality is HD. When driving at night, there is a chance of graininess.

  • The device applies virtual markings that represent the setting area. By complicating the design, the manufacturer made adaptive markings, it changes depending on the angle of the vehicle.

  • For driving in the dark, there is a night vision mode.


Some of the key benefits of installing a Ford S-Max  reverse camera  include:


  • Reduced risk of dangerous backup accidents, 31% of which impact children younger than five according to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration.

  • Eliminated blind spots, which lower the chances of costly property damage in a collision with an obstacle.

  • On-screen guidelines that make it easier to park and back your Ford S-Max into tight spaces.

  • A close-up trailer view for those who use their Ford S-Max for towing, which improves the safety of your cargo.

  • Automatic Assist. Automatically activates as soon as you put the car in reverse.

  • Augmented Reality Technology. Moving superimposed graphic guidelines to assist you while parking indicating available space and optimal steering angles.

  • Easy Park Assist. As you turn your steering wheel left or right the augmented reality guidelines will also move and assist you in calculating the best way to park avoiding any paint scratch.

  • Vivid Images. The rear camera high-resolution 1080P HD offers you a clear view of obstacles.

  • By using a wide angle lens, the driver will eliminate the risk of running over a small object or animal because they'll see it clearly on a screen. Drivers who are not familiar with reversing cameras also need to appreciate that there is no fiddling around with technology when they want to reverse since they will switch on automatically when the car's reverse gear is engaged.


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Ford S-Max Reverse CameraFord S-Max Reverse CameraFord S-Max Reverse CameraFord S-Max Reverse Camera